Bark Theatre Company's First Production

Bark Theatre Company Presents AL1C3

Based on Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland

Adapted and Directed by Katy Newell

"It's no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then."   - Lewis Carroll (Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland)

Overlooked by their family and rejected by their peers, Alice has always been a strange child, more comfortable online than in reality. But when they find themselves down a virtual rabbit hole, Alice discovers an entirely new world of binary codes and algorithms. As Alice delves deeper into this digital platform, unusual beings seek to lead them astray. Do they fight to return to the world they once knew? Or risk becoming indoctrinated into a sinister and twisted Wonderland...


Chloe Blanche, Julia Gregory, Sam Wyles, Nioka Mellick-Cooper, Tamara Ryan, Amy Gray, Sarah Matthews, Kathleen (Cheshire) Masters, Amelia Williams, Alison Zaher and Colby Wellard.

AL1C3 Cast and Creatives

Meet the team behind AL1C3!


Katy Newell

Katy has always been drawn to the creative arts, from acting, to music, to writing and everything in between. Katy’s love of the creative arts has allowed her to perform and write with Somebody’s Daughter Theatre Company and inspired her to undertake a Bachelor of Drama at Deakin University. She believes that theatre should be accessible to everyone, and loves working with people to bring their stories to the stage. AL1C3 is her directorial debut.

Assistant Director

Laura Ozzimo

Laura is passionate about the arts and has played a major role within the development and creation of the ideas surrounding the show. Laura is currently completing her Bachelor of Creative Arts and has worked in both theatre and film at a professional, academic and amateur level. She is excited to bring her skills from both departments to the show.


Owen Gonsalves

Owen is currently studying a Bachelor of Creative Arts, majoring in Drama at Deakin University. He also achieved a Diploma of Theatre Arts in 2018 at Melbourne Polytechnic. He has been practicing theatre and performing at an academic level for almost 10 years. In addition to joining Bark Theatre Company's committee in 2020, he is also a member of the Burwood Student Theatre Company (BustCo) as a General Representative, with hopes of expanding his role in theatre from performer and actor to creator and practitioner.


Luna Atkinson-Ladic

Luna had always been interested in music and has played the violin since a young age. She explored her passion through a high school concert band. Luna is currently studying a Bachelor of Music Production, after completing her certificate three in Music Production. Luna has fallen in love with composing soundtracks for both theatre and film and hopes to bring a refreshing and unique twist to AL1C3.

Alice 1

Chloe Blanche

Chloe is an extroverted, curious woman and is a 2020 graduate of 16th Street Actors Studio. Her daily life includes working as a barista and socialising. In her downtime, you’ll find her either out for brunch or with her friends and family. Her favourite quote to live by is  “The knowledge that everyday there is something more to learn, something higher to reach for, something new to make for others, makes each day infinitely precious” - Uta Hagen

Alice 2

Julia Gregory

Julia is a young woman enthralled to be a part of such an exciting project! This is her first production outside an educational context. Julia has graduated with a  Bachelor of Arts with Distinction, majoring in Drama and Media and is currently studying her  Masters of Teaching (Secondary) at Deakin University. Julia would like to extend her greatest thanks to her friends, family and beautiful partner for their wholehearted support.

Alice (3)/The Walrus

Sam Wyles

Sam Wyles is a 19-year-old male, Australian performer. Sam has been acting since 2016 and has performed on stage in musicals and various other styles of plays. Sam has also worked backstage as the sound operator and stage manager for a number of performances. Last year Sam studied at Melbourne Polytechnic to complete his Diploma in Theatre Arts. This is Sam’s first time joining an independent theatre company and he is super excited to be playing the roles of Alice (3) and the Walrus in Bark’s production of “AL1C3”.

Cheshire Cat

Amy Gray (She/Her)

Amy is currently studying a Bachelor of Creative Arts majoring in Drama at Deakin University after completing her Diploma of Theatre Arts at Melbourne Polytechnic. She has been involved in theatre her whole life and is passionate about becoming a Drama teacher on day. Amy is excited to be a part of Bark Theatre Company’s first production of AL1C3 and cannot wait to share this purrfect show with you all.

The Mad Hatter

Sarah Matthews

Sarah lives and works on Wurundjeri country. She is studying a double degree in Arts/Primary Education at Monash University, which is made immediately obvious by her ridiculous earrings and love of colourful whiteboard markers. She is currently developing a Melbourne Fringe show and producing an outdoor theatre festival scheduled for early October. She would like to thank the wonderful cast and production team of AL1C3 for their kindness and inclusivity and hope you enjoy the performance!

The March Hare

Kathleen (Cheshire) Masters

Kathleen completed a Diploma of Theatre Arts while attending the Melbourne Polytechnic during 2020, providing them with the opportunity to play the Cat in Grimm Tales. They attended the Canberra Academy of Dramatic Art, 2015-2017, obtaining an Advanced Diploma of Performance. During their time, Kathleen performed many roles including; Julia & Madame Brassilhov: The Good Doctor, Maria & Antonio: Twelfth Night, The Grocer’s Wife: Rhinoceros and Kat: Inconsolable. Kathleen thanks their family for their unending support.


Amelia Williams

Amelia had a keen interest in creative arts from a young age. She completed a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Theatre Studies at Waikato University and has been part of various improvised, devised and scripted productions in New Zealand and Australia. Since moving to Melbourne in 2016, Amelia has completed qualifications in psychology and currently works as a behavioural therapist and a research assistant. Amelia is very excited to have the opportunity to connect with other artists and be back on stage.

The Duchess

Nioka Mellick-Cooper

Nioka is a passionate actor, singer-songwriter and often works across a broad range of professional, amatuer and academic projects. Recently she has been a part of multiple short films including queer coming-of-age feature film My First Summer, and Dream Odyssey. Nioka toured Australia with the Red Room Theatre Company and the Castlemaine Theatre Company. Nioka is currently studying a Bachelor of Arts and has academic experience in shows such as Grease, Into the Woods and Little Shop of Horrors and  The Grudge, an interactive horror Honours project.

Dinah/The Dodo

Alison Zaher

Alison is passionate about all aspects of theatre and has been practising in the industry for close to 14 years. She is currently studying her first year of Criminology at Deakin University. Alison has experience in many productions, with roles in lead and ensemble as well as a range of backstage work including playwright, stagemangament, composing, band and production design. She is really looking forward to collaborating with Bark Theatre Company as well as performing in AL1C3.

The Caterpillar/The Cook

Colby Wellard

Claiming to be too weak for sports. Colby found himself turning to theatre instead, where his tendency for being loud and a little too extra for his own good were not only accepted but encouraged. Since then stage acting has haunted Colby’s life all throughout high school and into the current day. And while he claims not to be the most technical or knowledgeable of actors. He has yet to be kicked out of a production so he figures he must be doing something right.

Queen of Hearts

Tamara Ryan

Tamara has spent the last three years studying Shakespeare, Ibsen, Yeats and countless other classic writers and has finally finished her Bachelor of Arts majoring in English and Theatre Studies from the University of Melbourne. She is looking forward to pursuing her passion in the arts and contributing to Bark Theatre Company’s first production!