Bark Theatre Company

We are an enthusiastic not-for-profit company focused on youth theatre. Through workshops, productions and experiences we provide learning opportunities that are safe, accessible and inclusive.

Our Team

A quick introduction to the amazing people that make up our little theatre company


Rhymney Mazza

This season, Rhymney enthusiastically returns to Bark Theatre Company in her new role as Co-President. Having completed a Bachelor of Creative Arts (Drama) with a minor in Journalism, Rhymney now exercises her creative communication skills at an exciting tech startup, Lisnic, in the city of Melbourne. Rhymney has always surrounded herself with the arts and has previous experience performing with Mount Players Theatre Company. She practises theatre to mediate the community and is delighted to support the Bark team as they continue working towards a space where youth can freely express their creative identity.


Ashleigh Janky

This is Ash’s second year as co-president and she is so excited to help lead this new committee alongside Rhymney Mazza. Ash completed her Masters of Teaching last year and is now a full time secondary teacher. After completing her degree focusing on supporting students from low socioeconomic areas, Ash has brought her knowledge and expertise to Bark to help support passionate youth get involved in the arts. 


Georgia Pitt


This season Georgia is excited to be joining Bark Theatre Company in her role as Secretary. Georgia is in her final year of her Master of Teaching (Primary) with a specialisation in the arts, and works in Education Support. She has previous experience as the secretary of the Rotaract Club of Monash. Georgia is looking forward to working in a team of creative-minded individuals to help deliver theatre and learning opportunities that are dynamic and inclusive.


Tamara Ryan

Tamara is excited to be joining the committee in 2022 in her role as Treasurer. She has completed a Bachelor of Arts (English and Theatre Studies) and is currently working at a local library as well as within the racing industry. Tamara is thrilled to be joining Bark Theatre Company on their journey and is keen to continue fostering her love of drama, inclusivity and learning with those around her.

Production Producer

Laura Ozzimo

This is Laura’s third year at Bark Theatre Company.

Laura is this years first Production Producer. Laura has just graduated from Deakin University completed her Bachelor of Creative Arts Majoring in Drama.

Throughout the years Laura has worked in both live theatre and film and is currently working on many products outside of Bark. Laura cannot wait to jumpstart 2022 and hopes to see you there!

Podcast Producer

Harrison Barr


With the podcast in full swing, Bark looks to further its reach to an audio platform entrusting Harry in the role. With a completed Bachelor of Arts majoring in Visual Art and Drama and minoring in Education, Harry has the know-how to bring new and exciting ideas to this audio sphere. Harry has been our wonderful podcast producer for the last few months and is excited to be able to put a more focused effort into the role in 2022.

Social Media Officer

Nioka Mellick-Cooper (She/Her)

Nioka is a 20-year-old actor, singer/songwriter, musician, environmentalist, activist and vegetarian. She has completed a Bachelor of Arts at Deakin University, majoring in Drama and Criminology and minoring in Film and Television. Nioka has had experience with multiple theatre companies including La Mama and has been performing for her whole life. Nioka hopes to pursue a career in the movie industry, and is currently working as a Director’s Assistant for live TV. She is looking forward to sharing her passion for the performing arts through her role with Bark Theatre Company.

Public Relations Manager

Nicholas Krizmanic (He/Him)

Nicholas is returning to the Bark Theatre Company team for another season, this time stepping into the role of Public Relations Manager as well as being part of the Education Team.

Nicholas has begun his first year of Secondary teaching after completing his Master of Secondary Teaching at Deakin University last year. He is excited to use his vast experience from his involvement in the amateur theatre community, as well as his knowledge and skills from the Drama classroom, to help support the diverse voices of artists in the community be heard and shared. Nicholas is looking forward to another great year of promoting inclusive and accessible theatre with Bark!

Education Producer

Julia  Gregory


This season Julia Gregory joins Bark Theatre Company in her two new roles as Education Producer as well as Assistant Production Producer for our show of Importance of Being Earnest. 

Julia has just graduated her course of a Bachelor of Arts/Master of Teaching (Secondary), majoring in both Drama and Media Studies so she can teach these methods in a secondary school context. Julia has previously done paid and volunteer work for being an assistant dance teacher at Peninsula School of Dance as well as community dance for those with physical and invisible disabilities. She has a great vested interest in teaching children to express themselves through performing and visual arts which extends itself as her mission in her role at Bark Theatre Company. 

Equity Officer

Talisa Bell


Talisa Bell has just finished her Bachelor of Creative Arts (Drama) Honours at Deakin University last year. She is a theatre deviser based in South East Melbourne who works with the ideas of play, movement, improvisation, and adaptations. She also has a background in ballroom, Latin, contemporary and hip hop dancing.

Equity Officer

Brodi Purtill


Brodi (She/her)is returning as an Equity Officer for the third season. 

Brodi is a proud Muti-Muti woman who is passionate about arts education. She enjoys her work in Stage Management and Education at the Melbourne Theatre Company, and is currently in her final year of her Masters of Teaching. Brodi is beyond excited to support this year’s incredible team to create amazing art here at Bark.

Equity Officer

Sam Wyles


Sam Wyles is 20 years old, and is excited this year to join Bark Theatre Company this year as an Equity Officer. Sam has been inside the world of theatre, performing and helping backstage since 2016. Sam also completed a Diploma in Theatre Arts in 2020. He hopes to use this experience at Bark to learn, grow and hopefully per-sue a career inside the theatre industry.

Production Team

Owen Gonsalves


Owen is in his second season with Bark Theatre Company. He is currently finishing his Bachelor of Creative Arts, majoring in Drama, at Deakin University. He also achieved a Diploma of Theatre Arts in 2018 at Melbourne Polytechnic. He has been practicing theatre and performing for more than 10 years. He has produced for Bark Theatre Company's AL1C3 and will be co-directing Bark Theatre Company's The Importance of Being Earnest.

General Committee

Caitlin Taylor


This is Caitlin’s first season with Bark Theatre Company, and is a member of the General Committee. She is completing her fourth year as a Bachelor of Arts (Masters of Secondary Teaching) student, majoring in Literary Studies and Drama. Caitlin is passionate about Arts education, joining the Bark community, and applying her experience with musical theatre. In the future, she intends to inspire enthusiasm and inventiveness in Arts schooling abroad.

General Committee

Chloé Knott

Newcomer Chloé optimistically joins Bark Theatre Company this season in her role as a General Committee Member. Chloé recently graduated from her Bachelor of Creative Arts (Drama) and endeavours to study for her Honours in 2022. She has previous experience in devising original theatre productions and is passionate about producing art that is meaningful, inclusive, and accessible for all.

General Committee

Amy Gray


Amy is joining bark theatre company this year as a member of the production team! She has just completed her bachelor of creative arts (drama) and will be continuing her studies in education. Amy performed  in Bark’s 2021 production of “AL1C3” as the Cheshire Cat and is super excited to take on some more behind the scenes roles!

General Committee

Emily Yates

This is Emily’s first year as a member of Bark Theatre Company and she is thrilled to be a part of such an inclusive group who encourage the performing arts and diversity. Emily has a Bachelor of Creative Arts (Drama) with a minor in health and a certificate III in Education Support, beginning a Masters of Teaching this year. Emily wants to utilise theatre to promote mental health, all disabilities, culture, and ageism. She wants to educate individuals about how theatre is a remarkable art, can be a form of therapy, and can positively impact on all your dimensions of health.

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